General description

SOCIB is offering access to its glider fleet based in the Balearic Islands as described in the guideline document for competitive access. This is a unique opportunity for scientists and engineers to use high-quality autonomous underwater infrastructures operating in coastal, shelf and open sea areas for carrying out research, monitoring and/or testing activities.

SOCIB’s Glider Facility offers External Users Access to ocean gliders, global leading edge platforms for international research and technology development, to complement its routine and strategic programme of glider endurance lines in the Mediterranean. For process-oriented studies (for example complementing a dedicated R/V cruise), a minimum of 7 days usage is required. Longer monitoring proposals of typically 30 days or more are encouraged.


Calendar for the calls 2020

The annual call programme is as follows:

Proposals have to be drawn up in line with the Proposal Template.

Note: The TNA activity (in the frame of JERICO-S3 EU project) aims to provide coordinated ‘free of charge’ trans-national access to researchers or research teams from academy and industry to SOCIB Glider Infrastructure among others. Detailed info at


SOCIB Glider fleet

The present SOCIB glider fleet consists of 6 Slocum gliders and 2 iRobot Seagliders. More than 50 glider missions have been performed, collecting ~95.000 hydrographic and biogeochemical profiles.

Submitting a proposal

  • Guideline for competitive access: [pdf]
  • Template for external user application: [doc] [pdf]
  • Contract template: [doc] [pdf]



Request for additional information and proposal should be sent to, with [external access 2020] in the subject of the mail.