SOCIB researchers participated at the Copernicus Marine Week 2017

An important representation of SOCIB and IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB) researchers participated at the Copernicus Marine Week 2017, held in Brussels (Belgium), September 25th-29th. Presentations focused on the present status, advances and scientific results from SOCIB multi-platform approach, the activities from different SOCIB Facilities, including among others, data centre, gliders, HF radar, and modelling, and the specific advances in operational capabilities.

Entrusted to Mercator Ocean, the EU Copernicus Marine Service (CMEMS) provides a full open and free access to regular and systematic reference information on the physical state and on marine ecosystems for the global ocean and the European regional seas (temperature, currents, salinity, sea surface height, sea ice, marine optics, nutrients, etc.).

The Marine Week is an open forum meant for stakeholders, contributors and for beneficiaries of the EU Marine Service and beyond. It is therefore open to a large panel of institutions, agencies, regional stakeholders, entrepreneurs, service providers and scientists. The purpose of the week was to present and openly release CMEMS major achievements as regards economy, societal challenges, science and EU leadership worldwide and was also meant to propose CMEMS future prospects to the benefits of Member States, Regions, and of the Society in general.


  • Poster
    • Operational oceanography for sustainable fisheries. Application to bluefin tuna in the Western Mediterranean, Diego Alvarez. (PDF)
    • Model velocities assesment and HF radar data assimilation in the Ibiza Channel, Jaime Hernández. (PDF)
    • Multi-platform model validation in the Western Mediterranean Sea: impact of downscaling, Eva Aguiar. (PDF)
    • SOCIB Products & Services Strategy : Harnessing multi-platform data, model forecasting, scientific research & technology, to enhance the value of ocean data for end-user sectors, Emma Heslop. (PDF)
    • Evaluating CMEMS products in the western Mediterranean using an eddy tracker and multiplatform in situ data, Evan Mason. (PDF)
    • A paradigm change in ocean studies: multi-platform observing and forecasting integrated approach in response to science and society, J.Tintoré. (PDF)
  • Oral Presentation
    • Multi-platform integrated assessment for the sustainability of Bluefin Tuna in the Mediterranean Sea, Joaquín Tintoré. (PDF)
    • Operational Data Delivery and Forecasting for emergency responders (SAR operators), Emma Reyes. (PDF)
    • Hf Radar: a keystone for validating high-resolution ocean models, Emma Reyes (PDF)
    • INSTAC training session: Meeting the INSTAC partners, How to get in situ data from INSTAC and how to use it, Paz Rotllán. (Link)
    • Understanding meso/submesoscale ocean interactions to improve Mediterranean CMEMS products - MedSUB, Simón Ruiz. (PDF)

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