Welcome to the Coastal Ocean Research Vessel SOCIB. In this section you can browse the SOCIB R/V campaigns, both current and archival. More info about it

Note that in the map, you are able to get several information about the currently deployed instruments, such as performed trajectory and latest information transmitted by the instrument (by clicking the icon over the map). In the table, current and archival oceanographic campaigns are shown, providing several ways of data displaying and downloading.

Exenció i limitació de responsabilitat

SOCIB R/V is not currently engaged in any mission

You can browse the archived ones by using dapp o aquesta taula.

Veure tota la trajectòria
Mapa en pantalla completa
SOCIB R/V latest position
Posició inicial del llançament
(Quan es visualitza tota sa trajectòria)

SOCIB Deployments web client application

Dapp is a web based client application, developed by the SOCIB Data Center, intended to display and download deployments data from SOCIB. Dapp provides additional features such as:

  • Browse and display any deployments made by SOCIB
  • Create customized maps with several deployments and WMS map layers

Current oceanographic campaigns Dapp Gràfica Descàrrega Accés a les dades
Kmz     NetCDF Thredds
Archived oceanographic campaigns Dapp Gràfica Descàrrega Accés a les dades
No current campaigns